Villa Partheniou – Syvota


Syvotathe Greek Caribbean!

Syvota is a coastal area at a bay of Thesprotia, with a small harbor and a marine for small boats and yachts. A cosmopolitan area which has developed over the last years into a beautiful resort with a remarkable tourist infrastructure and lots of visitors. It is known for its natural beauty and blue-green sea. The little islands around Syvota and the beautiful beaches make the place picturesque and that is the reason why it is considered a unique place of natural beauty.

Beaches like the Piscina, the Small and Mega Ammos, Bella Vraka, St. Paraskevi and the French Bay, which is only a ten-minute-walk from Villa Partheniou, are only a few of the beaches thanks to which Syvota is called “the Greek Caribbean”.

Furthermore, Syvota can be an ideal destination for those who wish to visit nearby sights of historical and natural importance such as the oracle of the dead at Aheronda river, the ruins of Nikopoli, the oracle at Ancient Dodoni, Parga, Souli, and of course the islands of Paxoi and Corfu.